Abraham shares material from his “Boyz N The Hood” residency

Eric Williams and Matthew Baker

On February 15th 2012, Kyle Abraham shared material generated during his Boyz N The Hood residency with FSU scholars and School of Dance students during an FSU School of Dance Forum. Abraham gave a brief introduction of himself, his collaborators and the impetus for the work, followed by nearly an hour’s worth of long movement phrases. The material shared included an “Abstract” of Boyz, which will be shown during Parallels series at the Danspace Project in March 2012. In addition to performing, Abraham offered context and insight into how he researched and built each sequence. He described the various choreographic strategies that he employed to expand improvised and structured sequences, movement motifs, and spatial constructs. The Forum culminated in a brief feedback session in which Abraham asked the audience to offer words or images that arose while viewing the material.