Faye Driscoll

Faye Driscoll is a Doris Duke Award-winning performance maker who has been hailed as a “startlingly original talent” by The New York Times and “a postmillenium postmodern wild woman” by The Village Voice.
She is currently the Randjelovic/Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist at New York Live Arts, and is the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, a Bessie award and the Jacob’s Pillow Artist Award among many others. Her work has been presented at Wexner Center for the Arts, Walker Art Center, ICA/Boston, MCA Chicago and BAM, and internationally at Theater Bremen (Unusual Symptoms), Kunstenfestivaldesarts, La Biennale di Venezia, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Melbourne Festival, Belfast International Arts Festival, Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens and Centro de Arte Experimental in Buenos Aires.

Her most recent performance, Space, was the final live work in her Thank You for Coming trilogy. Space is a moving requiem on art, the body, loss and human connectivity, and was celebrated as “an exhilaratingly personal culmination of the series” by Artforum. In 2020, Faye’s first-ever solo exhibition, Come On In, opened at Walker Art Center, offering gallery-goers an experience of six distinct audio-guided experiences from her series Guided Choreography for the Living and the Dead.

Faye also choreographs for plays and films, including the Broadway production of Young Jean Lee’s Straight White Men, and Josephine Decker’s award-winning feature films Madeline’s Madeline and The Sky is Everywhere.

Returning Choreographic Fellow | February 12 - 19, 2023


Driscoll’s newest work, Weathering, is a multi-sensory flesh sculpture made of bodies, sounds, scents, liquids and objects. Ten people (dancers/singers/crew) enact a glacially morphing tableau vivant on a mobile raft-like stage surging through the Anthropocene. Their voices generate a score that crescendos and resonates as they clutch, careen and cleave, in a space too small to contain them, spilling off the edges. The audience embanks the performers, close enough to smell the sweat and feel the steam of the central, spiraling scenes. The symphonically active, luminously living work is a breathing, leaking, choreography of micro events within a momentum thrusting from just beyond the perceivable. Driscoll and her team of collaborators ask: How do we feel the impact of events moving through us which are so much larger? Yet are animating and activating our bodies all the time? How do we get closer to the impact? Can we slow down enough to feel the dust, hurt, howl, absence, spill, plume?

While at MANCC and two months out from premiere, Driscoll will further her physicalized explorations that manifest the work’s conceptual concerns, in meshing movement and vocalizations with the mobile stage, as integral aspects of the overall work. 

Brooklyn-based dancemaker, performer, writer and long-time collaborator with Driscoll, Jesse Zarritt, will join Driscoll in residency for three days as part of MANCC’s Embedded Writers Program. 

Weathering will premiere at New York Live Arts on April 6 – 8 & 13 – 15, 2023.

This residency for Weathering is supported, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Embedded writer Jesse Zaritt’s participation is supported, in part, by the Mellon Foundation.

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Collaborators in Residence: James Barrett, Kara Brody, Jennifer Nugent, Shayla-Vie Jenkins [Performers], Amy Gernux [Performer & Choreographic Assistant], Irene Ip [Costume & Prop Designer], Nicholas Vaughn [Environment & Set Designer], Ryan Gamblin [Sound Collaborator], Sophia Brous [Sound and Vocal Collaborator], Emily Vizina [Production Stage Manager], Hannah Emerson [Producer], Jesse Zaritt [Writer]

Choreographic Fellow | March 16 – April 1, 2011

You're Me

While in residence at MANCC, Faye Driscoll, collaborator Jesse Zaritt, and composer Brandon Wolcott with cellist Emil Abramyam researched and began the development of You're Me (formerly titled Not, Not...), a show about the ways we are constantly made-up and un-done by each other. 

During her residency Driscoll engaged students, scholars and local musicians as a means of exploring the question, 'What are the mythical, unstable and liberating processes that shake up the notion of self and lead to transformation?' Exploring both the longing to attain a solid person hood as a stable and powerful state and the longing to transcend self completely to become no-thing, someone else or another creature. Driscoll asks, ‘What is the power of real transformation? A snake shedding its skin versus the contemporary botox phenomenon. How do these actions express the same impulse?’

You're Me Flipbook available on Vimeo.

You're Me premiered at The Kitchen April 12 - 21, 2012

  • Driscoll and Zaritt explore the question, ‘What is the power of real transformation?’ with FSU Students.
  • Jesse Zaritt  with students Scott Curley, Hope Gaines, Shiloh Hodges, Jamie Melaragno and Katrina Reid.
  • FSU School of Dance Student Katie Lupke works with Faye Driscoll.
  • Faye Driscoll talks with student Katrina Reid.
  • Faye Driscoll at the conclusion of the transformation Entrypoint.

Collaborators in Residence: Jesse Zarrit [performer], Brandon Walcott [composer/sound designer], Emil Abramyam [musician]. Slideshow photos by Al Hall.

World Premiere

Tere O'Connor

December 7 - 17
Baryshnikov Arts
Center (NYC)


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