Benjamin Levy

Benjamin Levy is a choreographer, dancer and artistic director recognized for his cutting-edge interdisciplinary works that explore the nuance and drama of human intimacy. After earning his BA in Dance and Marketing from UC Berkeley and performing with Joe Goode Performance Group, Levy founded LEVYdance in 2002. LEVYdance very quickly became known for its innovative works and collaborations and in 2004 Levy was named one of the "Top 25 Choreographers to Watch" by Dance Magazine and awarded a San Francisco Bay Guardian Goldie Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement. Levy has also been awarded a Choreographic Fellowship from the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography and a 2005 Emerging Choreographer Award from the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, and creative residencies at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program and The Silo.

As Artistic Director for LEVYdance, Levy has presented original works at prestigious venues across the nation, engaged with distinguished collaborators, and established a unique recognizable artistic aesthetic for LEVYdance.

Levy's distinct choreographic style has been sought after for commissions and master classes at Scottish Dance Theatre in Dundee, Scotland, the Northern California Dance Conservatory, LINES Ballet, Joy of Motion Dance Center, DeSales University, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, UC Berkeley, CSU San Jose, CSU San Francisco, SUNY Purchase, University of Oregon, Dance Place, University of Utah, George Washington University and ODC Dance Commons.

Choreographic Fellow | June 5 – 18, 2006

Choreographic Process Research

Levy tested his personal theories about choreographic process during his residency. “By exploring ourselves throughout the process, we seek to find patterns, feelings and experiences that are common to humanity, and that can be felt and understood by anyone. In this way our work can extend beyond traditional art audiences.”

The first week he worked with FSU dance students to challenge whether his own process could stand on its own or whether it was specific to his current company structure. He was then joined by three of his company members who assisted in creating a vocabulary of movement, which was shown in conjunction with a feedback session for local community members at the end of the residency.

Collaborators in Residence: Brooke Gessay, Lily Dwyer, Lauren Slater [dancers]

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